Great Plains Summit: July 16th to 17th, 2020

Daily Classroom Collaborations

Session Description

Daily learning connections and routines can become meaningful when they go beyond the walls of your own classroom. Come learn how a California Class and a New Jersey class share the weather, days of school, and who needs well wishes. Featured tools for this session include Flipgrid, Google Sheets, and Google Drawing. NOTE: This session is appropriate for any level of users, but the pacing will be accommodated more for beginner users. Computer/Chromebook platforms work best for accessing resources that are shared.


Session Schedule

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Session Presenters

Christine Pinto
Kindergarten teacher
Arcadia Unified, Southern California

Christine Pinto is a kindergarten teacher for Arcadia Unified in Southern California. Inspired by the kids she works with, she strives to make learning purposeful and the school environment an enjoyable place to be for her students. Christine is the founder of the hashtag #GAfE4Littles and co-author of the book Google Apps for Littles: Believe They Can. More recently, Christine has brought #GAfE4Littles into joining forces with #InnovatingPlay. Christine is a co-moderator of the #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat, where she and Jessica Twomey facilitate discussions with educators about the ongoing cycle of connecting, wondering, playing, and discovering through a variety of intentional topics. Christine is a believer in the CAN mindset behind #GAfE4Littles, and has acquired the #InnovatingPlay mindset that learning and teaching can be done without limits!

Jessica Twomey
Kindergarten teacher

Jessica currently teaches Kindergarten in New Jersey, and has experience as a classroom teacher preschool through first grade. She completed her M.Ed. from Rutgers University in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, as well as additional graduate work and professional studies focusing on use of educational technology with young children. Together, with Christine Pinto, she works to build the Innovating Play mindset which examines the ways in which joyful, play-based experiences can be elevated for all learners through use of technology. Jessica and Christine work collaboratively between their Kindergarten classes on a daily basis from across the country, and hold the belief that the most effective way to utilize technology with young children is to create a foundation for seeing and experiencing humanity beyond the screen. She and Christine share about their work together at and co-moderate the #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat to support all educators in connecting, wondering, playing, and discovering together.