Great Plains Summit: July 16th to 17th, 2020

Come On Down!!! Let's Play Some Games

Session Description

Jeopardy has been a staple in classrooms even back when teachers were reading index cards taped to the chalkboard. But many teachers haven’t really seen the potential which different styles of games can do to transform their classes. These are not a “lesson” but more an “experience”. Students WANT to come to class on these days. They WANT to show what they know. And they WANT to work together. So we will say goodbye to Jeopardy and have a deep dive into how to construct these new experiences. And this starts with diving in as a player, because… what’s the best way in which to learn a game? It is to play.


Session Schedule

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Session Presenter

Ryan O'Donnell
Video Production teacher
Rocklin, California

I am Video Production teacher and former Technology TOSA and high school social studies teacher in Rocklin California. My passions are Ed Tech, Innovation, Social Studies, Podcasting and Teacher Professional Development. I have been teaching since 1997 and have been an advocate for all things "tech" since I first began teaching. Along with teaching, I've been presenting at technology and social studies strategies workshops both in my district and throughout the country. I am the co-host of the "Check This Out" podcast where we chat weekly about new ed tech resources and ideas. Along with presenting, I am on the board of CapCUE; the Sacramento affiliate of which is an organization which focuses on infusing technology and developing leadership.