Great Plains Summit: July 16th to 17th, 2020

Primarily Google: Me on the Map! GeoTools for Little Learners

Session Description

Many young students have not had opportunities to explore the world beyond their own schools and neighborhoods. Let's look at ways to use Google's Geo Tools, including Google MyMaps, Google Cardboard, Google Street View, and Google Earth to begin developing a global perspective in our littlest learners.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Session Schedule

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Session Presenter

Susan Stewart
K-12 Instructional Technology Coach
Fowler Unified School District, CA

K-2 Can, TOO! is the motto of this lead learner! Susan Stewart is Google Education Innovator and Trainer. She is currently the K-12 Instructional Technology Coach for Fowler Unified School District in Central California. Within her district, Susan has facilitated the implementation of a 1:1 program using iPads, Chromebooks, and the Google Suite. She regularly works with individual and teams of teachers to promote best practices for using technology to enhance instruction, foster creativity, support and supplement content, and improve assessment.

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