Great Plains Summit: July 16th to 17th, 2020

Finding What You Want (and some stuff you didn't know you could) in Google Search

Session Description

Are you always lost looking for things in your Email, Drive, Photos, or in Google Search? Do you spend hours looking for stuff that should just be there? To Google is to Search - come and find out tips and tricks inside the Google world to help you find what you are looking for.
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


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Henry Thiele
Community School District 99 Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Henry Thiele is the superintendent of District 99, which includes Downers Grove North High School and Downers Grove South High School in Illinois. These two premier High Schools high schools, serve over 5,000 students, drawing from several area communities District 99 went fully "1:1" in the 2016 school year; every student is now equipped with a Chromebook to use both inside and outside of school and to keep over the summer to continue using Google Apps, Classroom, Digital resources, and online tools. In the 2017 school year we ensured that every student had access to the Internet at home. Fully closing the "Homework Gap" helps us to achieve our learning mission: to enable students to "collaborate, reflect and empower" in their learning. Immediately prior to joining District 99, Dr. Thiele served as assistant superintendent for technology and learning at Maine Township District 207 in Park Ridge, a district of three large high schools serving 6,500+ students. In this role, he serves students and teachers by leading the selection of educational and technology resources with a focus on personalizing education. During his tenure at District 207, he has led the district through the deployment of several large-scale initiatives related to teaching, learning and technology. For example, his achievements include becoming the first to bring Google Apps to a K-12 setting, launching a full-scale 1:1 Learning program, transitioning over half of the district's textbooks to digital platforms and leading the district to become recognized nationally for its innovations in technology and learning. Dr. Thiele and his wife, Annel, have two children, Maria and Henry.

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