Google Classroom: An Advanced Guide

Session Description

So you've been using Google Classroom for the past year, but now you're ready to move beyond the basics? Maybe you just want to see what new features have been added to the tool over the past couple of months? How about different ways that you can use it for professional development purposes? Come learn how to take your students' learning to the next level in Classroom, all while giving them the freedom to easily create, curate, and collaborate along with their classmates on any assignment! It's time for Google Classroom, 2.0!


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Session Presenter

Donnie Piercey
Fifth grade teacher/District technology integration specialist
Eminence Independent Schools, KY

Donnie Piercey works in a hybrid role as a fifth grade teacher and district technology integration specialist for Eminence Independent Schools in Kentucky. He is always trying to find new and innovative ways to incorporate technology across the curriculum in order to increase student learning and engagement. You can always check and see what his students are up to by visiting his classroom Donnie has run a 1:1 iPad, Chromebook, and Macbook classroom over the course of his eight year teaching career.