To Team Drive or Not to Team Drive

Session Description

I've got a team...I should use Team Drives...well maybe and maybe not! This session will explore the advantages of Team Drives, how they operate and will discuss some ideas on getting started. The session will also provide some useful tips that sometimes people forget with good ol' regular Drive that may work instead of having a Team Drive.


Session Schedule

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Session Presenter

Stacy Behmer
Coordinator of Digital Learning
Grant Wood AEA, IA

Stacy is a former elementary and middle school teacher and spent some time as a district technology director. Now, she is the Coordinator of Digital Learning at Grant Wood Area Education Agency in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she works with school districts as they integrate technology and 21st-century skills into their curriculum. She is a Google Education Trainer and Certified Innovator and loves how these Google tools can be used by students and districts to collaborate and expand on learning!

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