Adding On With Add-ons

Session Description

You've heard about the "Add-ons" feature in Google Drive, right? Maybe? Not really? Well, come explore what Add-ons are and how you can work them into your workflows within Google Docs and Sheets. We will explore and show how to use some of the popular Add-ons as an educator to increase efficiency in your workflow and dive into some good add-ons to use with students in the classroom.


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Session Presenter

Chad Kafka
District Technology Integration Specialist
Franklin Public Schools, Franklin, WI

Chad works for Franklin Public Schools as a Technology Coach at the 5th-8th middle level. He prides himself on being able to talk "teacher" and "tech" while he works to integrate technology in the classroom with students and staff. Aside from his daily work in Franklin, Chad has taught several grad level courses for educators, run various conferences, consults with school districts, and regularly presents at conferences. Chad is an active part of the Google Certified Teacher, Trainer and Apple Distinguished Educator networks. Chad personally enjoys learning new ways to be more efficient, effective and engaging with technology and hopes he's able to inspire and share some new things with you.

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