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Session Description

Before Quiz Magic: I said "Read your textbook" and students didn't. I got mad and created pop-quizzes to penalize students who didn't read. Then spent way too much class-time covering knowledge-level material and way too much home-time grading quizzes. After Quiz Magic: Use Google Forms to create open-book, open-note reading quizzes that students complete outside of class-time. Use the Flubaroo Add On to automagically grade the quizzes and send detailed feedback to students. Students actually read the textbook, they're more prepared for summative assessments, we have richer class discussions, I'm spending less time grading, and I've reclaimed hours of instructional time to help students build a deeper understanding of our coursework.


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Session Presenter

John Unruh-Friesen
Tech Integration Specialist
Hopkins Public Schools

John has loved technology ever since an Atari 2600 showed up underneath the Christmas tree in the early 1980s. Currently he splits time between serving as a Technology Integration Specialist and teaching Advanced Placement Government at Hopkins Public Schools. John is an Authorized Google Education Trainer and consults for the College Board.

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